Three6’s vision and principles: How our employees feel

Beth Stubberfield | 13 October 2020


Hear what our employees have to say about working at Three6!!!

Hear what our employees have to say about working at Three6…

Beth Stubberfield L&OD Lead @ Three6.

Hello Everyone, my name is Beth Stubberfield and I am the L&OD Lead @ Three6.

In today’s blog, I would like to share one of our Three6 organisational values with you to demonstrate how we live our values every day, both internally with our people and externally with our clients.

The Three6 Value that I really connect with is ‘You see what you get’

it’s all about being authentic, empathetic and vulnerable so that we can build strong trust and nurture our client’s and employee’s growth. 

This resonates with me on both personal and professional level because this value is all about bringing your whole self to work, in a really honest and open way – which is very important to me.

This value has built solid psychological safety within our Team which enables us to work with clients in an open and trusting way.  

This value enables me to build great partnerships with our clients and gain a deep understanding of their customer and employee experience needs.  

And that’s why I really like working at Three6 – this value empowers me to bring my whole self to work (quirks and all!) and establish strong relationships with our clients, and we do what we say we are going to do.

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback – so please contact us if you would like to chat.

Dylan Kumar Marketing Coordinator @ Three6

“We will build an environment of happiness, and work with our people every day to make work a place of fun to be.”

Starting a new job can be a daunting experience. Even more so during the current times where we cannot meet each other face-to-face.

Interestingly enough, I began working for Three6 during a time when lockdown was in full effect. I was so used to working in a team environment where I would meet my team members in person, and it was during these face-to-face interactions that I could develop my relationships with my peers. This year any chance of that happening had been stripped away, so of course, that led me to believe that my potential to develop positive working relationships had been severely impacted.

However, this was not the case! From the moment I stepped into this role at Three6, I didn’t feel like an outsider.

I quickly became part of a virtual environment where there was no exclusion. The processes that drive the culture at Three6 empowered me and provided me with a strong sense of psychological safety that strengthened my relationships with my new team. It was honestly so unexpected that I could become part of such a high functioning team without ever meeting them in person.

I thought to myself for some time about what could be the reason behind the dynamics of this team. I quickly realised that it has to do with our shared values of respect and our commitment to building an environment that raises each other’s spirits and genuinely makes us happy.

Values, however, are only part of the equation. What ultimately drives our culture at Three6 comes down to the processes and technology that has been carefully curated by the team well before my arrival. Without the right means of communicating and engaging with each other, I can easily say that my transition into this role would not be the same.

Carolina Hernandez Strategy and Business Development Manager @ Three6

At Three6, one of our values is “Things change, design for agility and adaptability.” When I started my new role at Three6 as the Business Development Manager, COVID-19 hit Melbourne. In a business where we love building relationships and connecting genuinely with people, this was a new challenge.

We had to decide what our next steps would be. Instead of waiting, in less than two weeks, we had implemented a new work-in-progress plan during the lockdown and decided to use our time to develop new ideas and pivot our initial strategies. As a team, we converted COVID-19 into an opportunity to ideate together and to achieve new goals that will help us be set up for success.

Early in my career at Three6, I realized we were truly living our value of “Things change, design for agility and adaptability.” This resonated with me deeply on both on a personal and professional level because we demonstrated our ability to share our ideas and find new opportunities out of changing circumstances.

During this journey, supporting each other and building an inclusive team environment were critical elements. Remarkably over 2020, we have managed to grow our team, build new ways to connect with our customers and to create new services. All possible by doing what we love to do, which is design for agility and adaptability!

Dr Ashlee Linck Marketing and Business Development Manager @ Three6

Dr Ashlee Linck describes some of the values here at Three6 featured in the video below!