We believe every process should be simple.

Let us show you how



We keep your people at the heart of what we do to ensure that we design sustainable and meaningful services.


current state

We start by engaging with your customers and employees to gain the insights that will transform your service


opportunity areas

We define opportunities to transform services and focus on the ones that have the potential to impact you and your customers

Ideate & Test


We help you imagine better services. We test concepts and prototypes with your customers to learn and iterate


final product

We ensure that what we design not only works for your customers but is also realistic and sustainable for you to deliver


and transform

We help you implement and scale the service. This means building the capabilities, mindsets and ways of working that you need to sustain your transformation

Hexagon showing Three6's enablers, purpose, people and culture

We’re not just another design agency.


We know that sustainable transformation needs

to happen from within your organisation.


That’s why we created 3 enablers that will support

you through your change journey and leave your

team with the skills they need for continued success.

How It works

Our enabler services support end to end service design.

We will work with you to understand and highlight what you need to do to embed the change and make it sustainable now and in the future.



Knowing where you are going and why you are going there

Building the right team, with the right mindsets and capabilities, is key to ensure successful implementation

The powerful, yet invisible, driving force behind the way you work


Knowing where you are going and why you are going there


We facilitate the process for your team to understand your organisation’s challenges, create alignment and design a project vision that is aligned to your company’s purpose.


We facilitate  sessions to align your work with your vision, mission and purpose

Design your future state

We help you and your team define your objectives and create a plan with clear actions to achieve them

Implement, measure and iterate

Measuring your progress helps you iterate and adjust the direction when necessary


Building the right team with the right mindsets and capabilities to ensure successful implementation

Understand current team

We map the existing capabilities, mindsets and skill sets that your team currently has

Define ideal team

We co-design the best structure to deliver your services. We create a capability and mindset matrix to help find the gaps

Design ideal team

We help you build your team by uplifting the existing people in your team, building capabilities and changing mindsets

Growth plan

We create a roadmap with you to ensure that your team keeps growing and evolving 


The powerful, yet invisible, driving force behind the way you work

Uncover blockers and enablers

Your culture sustains the delivery of your services so understanding what blocks and enables your team to thrive is the first step towards success

Define new ways of working

We synthesise our understanding of your current culture/the outcomes that you need to achieve and define where to go next

Design  New Ways of Working

We co-design the best culture and ways of working so that you can deliver the best possible experience for your customers and employees

Implement  New Ways of Working

We create a change plan for your team to embrace new ways of working and thinking