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Catalina Bonavia

22 April 2024

From Strategy to Transformation Tips for Solving Complex Organisational Problems

It's not news that the way an organisation works impacts directly on the quality of the services they offer. And if you want to create social impact and deliver great customer value, as I am sure you do, then we need to make sure you are set up for success.

Catalina Bonavia

18 March 2024

The Chicken or the Egg? Exploring the Relationship Between Culture and Process

At the heart of every successful organisation lies a delicate dance between culture and process. Like two sides of the same coin, they influence and shape each other in profound ways. But for many people, the age-old question remains: does culture drive process, or does process drive culture?

Rajas Bhagwat

19 September 2023

Why stakeholder management starts before you might think it does

Stakeholder management is vital to the implementation of a project. But it's also vital way before that! In this blog post, I draw from a recent case study to demonstrate the value of stakeholder management at every project phase.

Jules Rountree

15 September 2023

Bringing your ideal future closer through design

We worked with a client on their five-year strategy. More importantly, we then worked backwards to see how we can work towards it starting today. In this post, we use this case study to explore design concepts like 'futures thinking' and 'backcasting', and how they can help us create the future we want.

Nina Muhleisen

1 August 2023

Our not-so-secret “Secret Sauce”

In celebration of our fifth birthday, we look back at why we were created to begin with: There's a gap in the market: the focus to improve the customer experience often competes with cost reduction and efficiency creation. But that doesn't need to be the case! These two approaches not only can, but should work together to create great customer experiences while increasing efficiency.

Susan Green

21 July 2023

7 strategies to integrate Risk Management, Supplier Management, and BCP

This blog post is the second in a series designed to help address the requirements of APRA Prudential Standard CPS 230. Today, we cover the "how" of integrating Risk, Supplier, and Business Continuity Management with 7 key strategies.

Catalina Bonavia

13 July 2023

Redesigning a Rehabilitation Space to Increase Patient Motivation

What if healthcare were driven by the patient experience instead of by policies? A Physical Rehabilitation Clinic I worked with did exactly that. In this blog, we'll explore how service design can transform healthcare experiences and outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers, all while respecting policies and ensuring quality.

Susan Green

4 July 2023

The necessity of integrating your Risk, Supplier, and BCM functions

With CPS 230, integrating Risk, Supplier Management, and Business Continuity Management is no longer optional. This blog post looks at the components of this integration and explores why integration is so important.

Catalina Bonavia

20 June 2023

How we reduced risk along the Service Design journey

A leading Australian university's Risk & Compliance team wanted to improve the services they provide internally. Collaborating with them, we took a holistic and people-centred approach. This not only enabled the uni to manage their risks and compliance with ease, our approach also minimised risk at each step along the journey.

Catalina Bonavia

11 May 2023

Putting people at the centre of your Digital Transformation

Combining human-centred design and process improvement can help you achieve the shift in your organisation's culture, processes, and systems necessary for a digital transformation, while keeping your customers at the forefront. In this blog, we share our secret recipe for a successful Digital Transformation.

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