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Dr Ashlee J. Linck

5 May 2022

Human Centred Leadership and The Great Resignation

We have left jobs, not because of the work we did, but because our leaders weren’t aligned to our values. We have left otherwise solid jobs to follow our inspirational leaders to new companies. From these journeys, we know that who we work for is just as important, if not more, than the work we do each day.

Catalina Bonavia

15 March 2022

Service Design in Care: Paperwork over Care

- 6 steps to turn the ship around -

Nina Muhleisen

14 February 2022

Too Hard Basket: How to Execute Your Strategy with a Customer Mindset

Have you heard the story of the janitor at NASA responding to President Kennedy? He said that his job was putting a man on the moon. That is exactly what we are after - a connection between everyone’s role and the organisational mission.

Catalina Bonavia

20 January 2022

4 years in Australia – Catalina Bonavia

20/01/2018 was one of the scariest days of my life, and today… 4 years later, I can’t help but smile...

Dr Ashlee J. Linck

9 December 2021

Too Hard Basket: Ted Lasso and HCL

As many of our clients know, Three6 has developed our Human Centred Leadership program because we discovered, through our work in many organisations, that a human centred design mindset doesn't happen on its own.

Dr Ashlee J. Linck

30 September 2021

Exploring Human-Centred Leadership With Three6

Human-Centred Design, or HCD, is a tool that allows us to rethink the way we engage with our people – leaders, followers, teams and stakeholders.

Catalina Bonavia

7 September 2021

Break the curse of service design

Nina Muhleisen

8 July 2021

Why Is Change So Hard?

Nina Muhleisen

26 February 2021

Bringing Together Human Centred Design and Continuous Improvement

Human-Centred Design and Continuous Improvement are a match made in heaven. How do you bring them together to really design the life cycle experience?

Nina Muhleisen

22 February 2021

Why Is It Important To Nail Your CRM?

Your CRM should be part of every step in your end-to-end customer journey. What does a great CRM design look like? Find out here.

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