Human-Centred Leadership

We know that service design doesn’t stop at the customer. Real success is achieved when you embed the design into your business and people


This is why we created HCL

Why Human-Centred Leadership?

Here is what we are hearing from our clients and how we are helping them succeed


A human centred design mindset doesn’t happen on its own. Our clients find that embedding HCD throughout an organisation can be challenging because they don’t have the right leadership and culture to support the process.

Actionable principles

A true understanding of HCD principles and how they apply to each layer of the organisation is essential to effectively implement an HCD mindset.


A sustainable vision and plan of action is needed to guide leaders, HCD practitioners and employees to ensure a sustainable transformation in mindset

Leadership support

Leadership teams need to support, model and facilitate the HCD mindset for the other parts of the organisation

Who benefits from HCL?

Because implementing design and change is not a one-person job, we have designed programs that help everyone do their part.


Organisational Wide Mindset Shifting Training:

Targeted to all members of organisations looking to adopt a human-centred and customer-led approach, this training will help your team learn and adopt the principles of human-centred design and human-centred leadership to be applied in any role and task that they may perform. 

HCL for Practitioners:

This program is designed for designers and squad members that are using human-centred design and who need to influence stakeholders and enable collaboration, whilst simultaneously doing the heavy lifting.

HCL for Leaders:

This program is for your organisational managers and leaders, those that have to enable and empower your doers, those bringing and leading new ideas, initiatives and changes.

HCL Executive Coaching:

This program is for those Executives who carry the burden of accountability and responsibility for multiple stakeholders and must balance achieving financial benchmarks with creating a vision and purpose for themselves, their leadership team and their organisational culture. 

Organisational Wide Mindset Shifting Training:

Human centred and service design mindset is not only for designers. It is a powerful tool for every role and profession that helps implement change, drive a positive culture and enable collaboration and innovation.

Three6 has developed a unique learning opportunity that will enable you to start an organisation wide mindset shift by giving your teams access to a practical, theoretical and empirical based course.

This course will help your organisation shift towards an empathetic, hands-on, innovative, collaborative and holistic culture.

HCL for Design Practitioners:

One of the biggest challenges of establishing a design team is that practitioners are learning how to influence stakeholders, lead through change and establish collaboration while they do it. This can have a huge impact on overall organisational design strategy and implementation success.

Three6 has developed a unique learning opportunity that will enable your practitioners to learn how to leverage their own personality characteristics and strengths to consciously build a leadership style and toolkit that they can implement in every project they participate in.

HCL for Leaders:

Unique to Three6, our Human Centred & Service Design Leadership Program brings core HCD and leadership principles to a holistic framework that drives self-awareness, and leadership development, to support an innovative mindset.

You will develop a toolkit of resources to champion and implement Human Centred Service Design in your team and embed into the organisational culture.

You will understand HCD personality traits, identify and nurture your strengths, to create positive leader-follower relations and facilitate meaningful change. We promise you will be well equipped to implement your new knowledge with your co-designed HCL toolkit.

HCL Executive Coaching

Executives carry the burden of accountability and responsibility for multiple stakeholders and must balance achieving financial benchmarks with creating a vision and purpose for themselves, their leadership team and their organisational culture. To balance and execute on these outcomes, it is essential for executives to have a mindset of innovation and purpose.

Our Executive Human Centred Leadership Program brings core HCD and leadership principles to a holistic framework that drives self-awareness, enhanced leader-follower relations and leadership development to support an innovative mindset.

The HCL Executive Program is tailored to work with your executives and understand your strengths and development opportunities to leading an organization through Human Centric transformation.


 I gained so much from participating in HCL, I see the value in what was presented, the tools are amazing! HCL has come at the perfect time as I move from a BA role to a leadership role as an Assistant Director.

On a personal level, I really loved Ash’s presentation. I first met her at a dinner party – our husband’s play basketball together. I remember her telling me about her PhD. That single conversation has stuck with me and helped shape my thinking about leadership and change management. I would love to hear more from her on a professional level.

HCL for leaders participant

I’m really enjoying the program and it’s definitely giving me cause to reflect on the type of leader I am and want to be (and what I’ve learned from past leaders). The most interesting part, from my point of view is having a new insight about the influence that the followers can have on the leaders, I have never heard that before and I am definetely going to continue my follower and leadership journey using this approach. Thank you Three6!

HCL for practitioners participant