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Why Three6?


We help organisations design and deliver amazing customer and employee experiences by optimising the connections between process, technology, and people.

We are not your typical consultancy, we are different and we are proud of that.

We are human-centred at the core.

We leave organisations better than when we found them, and care equally about our clients and team.

We uplift people, we develop working environments so we can all enjoy our day-to-day and we support our team to nourish their internal life-long learners.


At Three6, we love what we do, and we hope you do too!


Our values


At Three6 our values are alive, they are not a nice poster on the wall, they absolutely guide how we are with our clients and our colleagues.

We encourage you to read them and reflect about how this values align with your personal ones


We love having fun and we want to make sure Three6 is a happy place for all of us to come and work. We work with clients and projects that make us feel fulfilled and happy to contribute to.


We are the wow factor, we work with the best people and deliver outstanding work always. We are small and our clients know that with us they always get talented, hands-on and collaborative consultants that will only deliver excellent work.


We challenge each other to grow and also challenge our clients to make sure they are progressing. We don’t accept the status quo, we collaborate, bring new ideas to leave the word a bit better than how we found it.


We are always learning from each other and teaching or sharing knowledge with our colleagues and clients. We ensure we leave our clients in a better position, with knowledge and tools to succeed.


You see what you get, we bring our whole selves to work. We are the same person at home with friends that we are working with our clients, and our clients appreciate that with us they can build meaningful relationships

About you

You are a quick and eager learner

You love creating meaningful relationships with those around you

Love being with and around people 

You love problem-solving and you can break down a problem and transform it into an opportunity

You can think on your feet and make decisions when needed 

You love challenging the status quo and you want to make the world a better place

You are energetic and passionate about what you do 

You love learning and teaching others

You are empathetic and an active listener

You are a true team player

You seek feedback and work on improving

You love enabling collaboration






This are some of the things that you may work on when you join Three6

Improving our customers’ existing services, we take a holistic approach, looking at the experience but also their processes, systems and culture to ensure that we make a real impact. To do this you may embed yourself in existing teams, observe how things are done, question the status quo and design together with those delivering the service better ways of adding value to their customers

Designing new services, in this case we go from doing design research, all the way to creating the future state service blueprint including everything our clients need to make it real. What does this mean in practice? Engaging with end-customers, employees and stakeholders, facilitating workshops, conducting research and designing for those key moments that matter

Optimising our clients process and technology, we help them build a pathway from the old way of delivering services to a new, connected and customer centric approach. In your day-to-day you will engage with your clients to understand the outcomes that they are set to achieve, the reasoning behind and analysing how best they can do that by combining process excellence and human-centred design

Simplifying the ways our clients work: we remove duplication and wasteful effort to improve the customer outcomes, we do this by reviewing their processes and systems and aligning them to the customer experience, this may mean organising and facilitating workshops, observing how people work and conducting interviews.

Upskilling our clients to make the transformation sustainable: we partner with our clients to build capability and upskill their people, this may mean that you will coach your client while delivering work with them and/or design impactful training material to ensure our clients grow with us.

What to expect during this process



Online profile

Start by uploading your resume to this page, you will then receive an email for you to answer a couple of questions about your skills and what you’re looking for in your next role.

Initial Phone Screening

A quick phone call with our hiring team. We will talk with you about existing opportunities and determine if you possess the requisite qualifications to fill the position and obtain an understanding of why you want to work with Three6

Online assessment

These tests look at your personality, values, critical thinking, leadership and time management skills. These results will also be used in your development within the company.

Two-way Presentation

We would love for you to present a case study of a project you had done that can highlight your skills. We will also share a presentation of who we are and about the role.


This will be conducted with our hiring manager and the department head. We will further discuss your expectations and in-depth discussion of the position. After this step, we will do reference checks