Who We are

At Three6,  we connect and enable people and organisations to design and deliver better services in an ever-changing world.



Our Promise To You

Always be Authentic

We will learn to understand you and your business and make sure that we provide solutions that make a difference to what you do. We will give you what you need and want – no surprises!

Simple & Clear Approach

We will make sure things make sense and we will support you every step of the way.

Always Give Our Best

We will deliver quality work at the highest standard. Our service comes with a multitude of experience and awards to prove that what we do is the best in the business.

Our Story

Three6 started when Nina, the Founder, was 17 years old. She’d travel around Melbourne teaching maths, English and science to students between 3 and 18 years old. She loved numbers then – and she still does today! But more importantly, she loves helping people succeed and this is at the heart of what we do at Three6.

Since 2018,  the team at Three6 promises you an authentic partnership that you can trust to build you up. Three6 has grown through COVID-19 and has a best in class team of experts to guide your transformation. Your business needs the right capability and the right mindset to create sustainable growth. With award winning programs in our back pocket, we’ll make sure you not only have the strategy and operations in place- you will also have the right team to make it a success.

What We Believe In

People First

Monitoring & Measuring

Simplicity – Less is More

A Growth Mindset

Information is a shared asset


Adapting to Change

Small Business Approach

Creating a happy, fun environment

Our People

We are a diverse group of people who share a passion for helping organisations transform and design end-to-end services.


At Three6, we know that change can be hard. Our proven tools and methodologies make it simpler.



Designing solutions customers want and finding new opportunities based on their needs.



Creating simple processes to meet your goals. Connecting your experience with your customers.



Integrating your technology with your processes and people is crucial to delivering your desired experience.

Connecting these three components is critical to deliver end to end services, enabled by: