We design your customer experience, connect it with simple processes and ensure that your technology is setting you up for success


We know that a compelling service design needs to amalgamate three areas of your business.


We bring human-centred design, agile and business development expertise so that your experiences add value to your customers while aligning to your organisation’s objectives, vision and purpose.


What happens behind the scenes directly impacts your customers. We help you create or refine simple processes to meet your needs, directly impacting your employees’ and customers’ experience.


Connecting your technology with your processes and people is crucial to delivering the experience your customers desire. We facilitate collaboration so that your technology supports your processes and enables your customer experience.

At Three6, we love what we do.


We help organisations design and deliver amazing customer and employee experiences by optimising the connections between process, technology, and people.

We are different because we want to leave organisations better than when we found them. We uplift people, we develop cultures and we optimise the change process so that our clients know exactly what to do.


We look forward to designing your world.

Customer Experience

We make change happen through the design of experiences that solve your customer’s challenges

Process Design

icon with a person and two arrows that make a circle around the person

Smooth experiences for your customers and employees to give/receive the services you offered

Technology Services

We will help you link the pieces of your ecosystem to enable your services