Employee Experience - Online onboarding

Three6 was asked to help with the design of the new onboarding experience of a globally distributed company.

We partnered with the Centre for Digital Excellence to design a unique experience that solved their new and existing employees challenges and help them set new team members for success.

“How might we deliver an engaging employee induction that connects the new starter to their role, team and org and applies the learning to build a strong understanding of the role, unites the team and provides mechanisms (and tips) to get to know the uniqueness of their role and operating model?”


By creating an overarching employee experience that is supported by a clear vision, processes and tools

How We Helped

The Digital Centre of Excellence of this B to B company partnered with Three6 to assist them with the upcoming onboarding of three new employees that were joining the company during the Covid-19 crisis across the Asia Pacific Region.

Pre-Pandemic, this would have been delivered face-to-face potentially in using an ad-hoc approach (depending on the different needs and context of each person), now needed to be completely re-imagined to be done online. 

Ensuring a consistent employee experience of engagement, connection with their peers, roles and organisation was key for the senior managers leading this initiative.  But it was also important to provide a structured experience that could be delivered easily online, with the resources and systems that they currently had.

People centred

Three6 took a human-centred design approach to this project, to first unpack the key pain points of stakeholders and new starters and then design an interactive experience that solved for their challenges and fulfilled their expectations.

Enabling collaboration

By taking a human-centred approach Three6 encouraged open and natural dialogue and enabled us to gain deep understanding of the current state, the stakeholders needs and pain points not only of onboarding new staff, but also of doing it while working from home during a pandemic. 

Co-design approach

Collaborative experience design with senior leaders and key stakeholders and building on insights revealed through interviews the team was able to design an interactive experience with unique components to solve specific needs that were identified during the initial phase

Change Management

To ensure engagement and adoption by those already in the team, we involved them in the process by asking for their ideas and feedback, this allowed us to learn from their unique experiences and leverage their insights to create more meaningful experiences, for their coworkers to be. This helped create a sense of belonging, an unexpected outcome for our client.

The Process


current state

In-depth collaborative deep dive with leaders to understand the current state, set up the scope and ways of working.


opportunity areas

Interviews with stakeholders to identify key pain points and opportunities in the employee experience.

Ideate & Test


Identification of potential solutions for each main key pain points, and creation of prototypes and testing.


final product

Co-design of artefacts using platforms that new starters could easily access from any computer.


and transform

​Creation of an interactive onboarding experience that addressed every pain point uncovered.

The Outcomes

Interactive onboarding experience

An interactive onboarding experience that solved key pain points such as, difficulties to interact and engage with other team members, challenges to understand the organization due to its complexity but also to the context, struggles to meaningfully lead and onboard new starters online, rather than face to face.

Structured onboarding plan

Structured onboarding plan for 1st week, 1st month, and 1st year, supported by activities and interactive forms facilitate the journey for new starters and their leaders

Unique Artefacts

Unique artefacts for this onboarding experience, some examples are:

Personas: An interactive template for new starters to create their profiles and review their colleagues’.

Stakeholders: Activities supported by interactive forms to grow their network

Cheat sheet

A document with key insights from the different teams, key stakeholders and processes that impact the new starters’ role.

Our Team's Skills For This Project

Learning and development

People and leadership

Human Centred Design

Employee Experience Design