At Home Aged Care Service Design

Three6 was asked to help bring a Service Design lense into the transformation project that was being led as a traditional IT project. At that moment neither the customer experience nor the employee experience (or processes) was a part of the project. We found 3 teams (IT, Marketing and Service Delivery) trying to achieve similar goals but working in different ways and with minimal collaboration. Three6 enabled collaboration and helped this organisation design an integrated service that not only had a future-focused customer experience (CX) but was also connected to simplified processes and adequate skills and capabilities (EX) and supported by technology.

“How might we design a seamless customer experience for at home aged care to bring onboard new customers while living our mission…”​​


By deeply understanding the experience, the processes and the capabilities that are required to build the tech that supports the whole journey


How We Helped

Bringing the customer into the heart of the transformation to really bring the customer into the heart of the organisation Three6 facilitated some empathy activities in which the participants were able to step out of their day to day roles and think what are the steps that customers take when they need At Home Aged Care, how do they find out that it exists and how do they get from ‘discovering the need’ to ‘sending an enquiry to VMCH’, what are their expectations and needs along the way. Once we started the mindset change, we took our workshop findings forward and kept learning about customers to design a future-focused customer experience.​



Enabling Collaboration

Three6 facilitated cross-unit workshops to enable collaboration between teams that previously didn’t really understand each other, this helped translate business needs into technology requirements.

Customer at the heart

Three6 helped the team better understand their customers’ needs, motivations and journeys, through empathy-based activities that challenged the status quo to then be able to design an innovative customer experience.

Simple, aligned processes

By co-designing with the different teams we designed simplified end-to-end processes that deliver the customers experience and makes the job easier for the employees.

Technology requirements

We started by designing the customer experience, then designing simple processes to deliver that experience, and finally looking at how the technology could better support customers and employees. That’s how we built clear technology requiremements.

The Process


current state

Facilitated a kick-off workshop with Marketing, Service Delivery, Customer Service and IT teams, where we mapped the current state and start to draft the future state.


opportunity areas

We identified the opportunities and gaps for both customers and employees, we also conducted competitors analysis to learn what others are doing in this and other industries.

Ideate & Test


We facilitated a co-design workshop with the different teams that included the customer experience, processes and capabilities required to deliver the customer experience.


final product

We facilitated a detailed blueprint workshop to go into the details of processes, skills and capabilities and technology requirements.


and transform

Finally, we facilitated a prioritisation workshop to define the roadmap for implementation, for the next 3, 6 and 12 months. This helped align teams on priorities, responsibilities and future-state.

The Outcomes

Detailed service blueprint

Including future experience, process and skills required, technology requirements, tools and artefacts that the team and customer need to be able to access/ deliver the service

Complete report

A detailed report that includes: customer and employee insights, detailed customer experience with its processes and tech requirements, a capability matrix to ensure the team can be upskilled where required, a roadmap for implementation.

Roadmap for implementation

As this is the first step of the transformation the roadmap not only included how to implement changes in this service area but also how and where to continue the transformation process to ensure quick impact and lasting changes

Team aligned on where to now

“It is the first time that all the teams are aligned on where we are going and how to get there, and that’s just because of Three6’s help” Maria Paz – CIO

Our Team's Skills For This Project

Customer Experience Design

Three6 helped design the customer experience bringing empathy and innovative lense. We challenged the status quo, designed future-focused experiences that will bring them to the forefront of the industry.

Process Map and Design

Three6 mapped the current processes and simplified them to ensure increased productivity, reducing waste and duplication, we did this with the teams that execute them.

Service blueprinting

Three6 mapped the customer experience, processes and technology on one service blueprint to enable everyone to understand the whole picture and deliver on it.

Translating business needs to technology requirements

By designing the customer experience and processes first we were able to align the technology to them instead of doing it the other way around (customer and processes aligned to technology).

Stakeholder management

In order to enable collaboration Three6 had to manage a variety of stakeholders, understand their needs and expectations and help them come together.

Change management

By using co-design workshops Three6 ensure that the different teams had their say, and could understand and be part of the change, this made change easier and smoother for the different parts of the business.


Three6 facilitated a variety of co-design workshops with service areas, customer service, IT and marketing where ideas were discussed and collaboratively designed

Workshop facilitation

A key part of the success of this project was the workshop facilitation, having a safe and collaborative space where everyone was equal and their opinions and concerns where heard was what made the difference