Three6 seconds with Nathan Allan

Nina Muhleisen | 6 August 2019


Nathan has been at the very beginning of Three6 and gave me some brilliant advice which helped give me the courage to start my own business. One day he said: “Nina, with the amount of time you spend on other people’s success, why not do it for your own success”. And I thought…”Why not!?”

Nathan himself, was working as an Engineer in Houston Texas and saw a gap in the market for pilates studios and in what seems like a blink of an eye, he’s now got three. I quickly caught up with Nathan to share some tips about starting your own business.

What gave you the courage to just get up and go?
I hated my job and I could not see myself doing this until I retire.

What should every entrepreneur consider before starting their own business?
Expect a lot of stress and sleepless nights in the beginning and depending on the business you’re venturing into… are risking so much, so just make sure you understand what those risks are and are comfortable in taking them on.

What would you say to someone who is struggling with sacrificing/prioritising things in their life when pursuing their own business?
Know what your end goal is and be able to see that the time and money you’re giving up now, is worth getting what you want in the future.

What are the three biggest lessons you’ve learned about running your own business?
Relationships with people, creating value, consistency and that people that work for you are your most valuable asset.

How do you keep your business adaptable?
Continuous improvement – speaking to customers, reading reviews and training are key.

Take a look at Nathan’s pilates studio online: