How do you keep people engaged when you know you have to cut costs?

Three6 | 13 July 2020


Whether we’ve returned to business as usual or not, organisations face the dilemma of re-igniting (or maintaining) employee engagement and improve the customer experience, while aiming to deliver efficiencies, cut costs and grow revenue.  

This is a crucial balance that will directly affect the success of you transforming to a new sense of normal and sustaining your team’s performance over time.

As most organisational mission statements recognise, our people are at the centre of what we do – if you apply that logic to return to work post hibernation, we need to reignite our employee’s motivation and engage them in the design and delivery of transformation. Leaders need to ensure all employees have a strong understanding of the organisation’s purpose, what is expected of them, and feel supported to embrace the new world.

In essence, we need to connect with our people; be genuine, empathetic and transparent, understand their needs and motivating drivers through HCD and to deliver on these to establish trust. A highly engaged, connected and trusted workforce will proactively lead the challenge to innovate, to implement continuous improvement and deliver efficiencies.

When your employees have a strong sense of purpose, and psychological safety, it can lead to high performing, innovative and resilient organisations.

Harvard Business Review states that “organisations with a high level of engagement do report 22% higher productivity … improved quality of work and health and 48% fewer accidents”.

There is a myriad of tips to re-engage your people post-transformation that can empower your workforce to be highly engaged.

As a leader, team member or colleague you have the ability to connect with others to help them adapt to the new ways of working.

So let us know if you’d like to chat about it today!