End-to-end service design – how far can it go?

Three6 | 8 July 2020


While a large number of companies are using this way of thinking to design for their customers and drive more revenue, only a small portion is taking into consideration their employees when designing new services.

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success – Tim Brown, IDEO.

When approaching a business transformation there are key elements that can make or break your journey: having a desired customer experience, creating simple processes to deliver that experience and having the correct technology to connect your services with your customers. But even if those things are well designed it’s essential that you consider the direction you want to go, your people’s adoption of the new proposal and building the culture that can sustain it in the long term.

That is what at Three6 we call end-to-end service design.

Human-centred transformation brings the needs and motivations of people to the core of the thinking process and fuses it with technology and business requirements. Those needs and motivations need to be real, you can’t base your strategy on assumptions, you need to test them with real customers. Putting your customers and employees at the forefront of your transformation, giving them the opportunity to be an active part of the transformation and designing meaningful experiences, is proving to be a winning strategy. That’s why at Three6 we truly believe in co-designing and building internal capability.

Your company-wide buy-in of the change is essential to the success of any business transformation. Creating the strategy in a collaborative way creates a shared vision, and allows for meaningful discussions, understanding and ownership, but also ensures that such direction is feasible and desired by the different areas of the organisation.

By enabling multidisciplinary teams to come together, build, test and iterate we are also creating a culture of innovation and experimentation where employees feel safe to have their say and propose new ideas.

At Three6 we know that creating a sustainable transformation can be hard, but with the right tools and approach, it can be simple!

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