World Class Delivery Model - Process Improvement

For this large Australian financial institution, the goal of operational excellence had been on the agenda for many years. Whilst operations were streamlined well in certain departments, others were underperforming. There were issues of duplication, lack of standardisation and transparency, which led to an inconsistent experience for customers.​

The World-Class Delivery team was tasked to upskill 9,000 operational and technology employees to excel at operational fields such as capacity management, risk, business performance and continuous improvement. ​Nina was leading that team!

“How might we develop our teams into a World Class Organisation so that we focus on the things that matter and for our customers?”


By simplifying what we do, standardizing our approach to the foundational activities and creating time to innovate.

How We Helped

Three6 was hired to bring further insights around best practice and then help design and deliver a program to uplift capability to a world-class standard. ​ The result was a significant improvement in operational productivity and a refreshing new feeling of empowerment amongst employees.  

Best Practices Research

Working with the organization a number of “world class” organizational practices across a variety of industries including manufacturing, health care, retail and finance were researched. 

Applied lean methodology

This required a great understanding of lean and operational practices to train and upskill teams across the organization in these best practices, so that they could implement them within their own domains.

Training Leaders

Based on the assessment a variety of learning programs were designed and delivered. From 14 week intensive face to face, online digital courses and short day training. 

User needs assessment

Using surveys the employees were asked to rate themselves on how they performed operational tasks and their needs in becoming a world class team. This was overlayed with best practice and plans developed.

The Process


current state

Research best practice globally in operations management and develop a maturity scale


opportunity areas

Assess and understand the existing capability and engage and empower employees to continue to excel 

Ideate & Test


Develop training program that meet the user needs. Including face to face and digital content for executives to team member to ensure a sustainable output


final product

​Support improvement implementation as teams started working using training to deliver outcomes


and transform

Continue to monitor and engage with teams through gamification to ensure ongoing execution

The Outcomes

Exceeded expectations

The payments division alone delivered a 12%+ annualised productivity saving, and employee engagement moved from 65% to 79%. 

The division was rated number 1 in the industry in terms of payments clearing, and was featured in the company’s annual report for three years running in recognition of operational excellence. 

Empowered employees

The secret to success was through the empowerment of employees. Training them with the right skills so that they can deliver outcomes that align to the variations that exist between teams.

Learning program

A variety of learning programs was designed and delivered. From 14 week intensive face to face, online digital courses and short day training. 

Lean Evaluation

It was also important to support individual teams ensure they were able to implement the improvements. Working alongside the team in an agile approach to challenge the current ways of working, streamline  the process and add value quickly.

Our Team's Skills For This Project

Lean Methodology


Training & Development

Change management