Prospective Students Experience - Service Design

The Admissions team in any University is expected to provide prospective students with a “seamless experience.” However,  this team began experiencing significant issues with the admissions process and the experience, so they decided to call Three6 for help.

“How might we deliver a seamless experience for our prospect students to make an informed and timely decision?”

By creating an overarching new student experience that is supported by a clear vision, processes and tools



How We Helped

During this project, Three6 was responsible for analysing and providing recommendations about the changes and transformation required to improve the admissions process looking at four key areas. In order to create sustainable change, including tools for ongoing delivery. Using a Human Centred Design approach, we looked at the different experiences of the student, the student officer who processes the applications and the executive who made the decisions on the balance of the course from budgeting, to student course work, learning and culture. 

Human Centred Approach

Engaging with stakeholders at different levels and taking a human-centred design approach is essential to really understand who we are designing for and developing personas that depict the people impacted by the process

Simplified Architecture

Deeply reviewing the current system usage and architecture design to develop a future state and prioritising key features considering budget

Reviewed Technology

The technology systems were reviewed, and a future state roadmap was developed with short, medium and long-term goals. 

Change Management

Developing a deep understanding of the people involved and their motivations to develop change strategies and build them into the roadmap 

The Process


current state

We worked with students and staff to map the current state of the customer journey to find pain points and delight points.



opportunity areas

Interviews with stakeholders to identify key pain points and opportunities in the prospective student experience.

Ideate & Test


We took the data gathered forward into our ‘war room’ where we co-designed the future experience and internal processes. 


final product

The technology systems were reviewed, and a future state roadmap was developed with short, medium and long-term goals. 


and transform

For this change to be successful we needed to manage the change, we engaged with stakeholders during the project to ensure their feedback was incorporated and the change was easier.

The Outcomes

Screenshot of the customer experience journey with processes

Customer Journey and Process design

Customer Journey were developed for each of the unique personas to ensure that the roadmap met all expectations. And all the processes were linked to these journeys to facilitate the change.

Detailed insights report

A detailed report with key staff, customer, process, technology and data insights was delivered to empower the team to keep delivering

Priorities opportunities and roadmap

A prioritised roadmap was delivered detailing next steps for 3, 6 and 12 months

Ongoing tools and support

Three6 knows that for a service design to be successful it needs to be embedded in the organisation, so we continued to provide support and tools to ensure this happens.

Our Team's Skills For This Project

Process design

Our team helped design processes to deliver the new student experience

Change Management

Helping stakeholders understand the ‘why’ behind the change, incorporate their feedback and concerns, and engage them to co-design the future is key to drive change

Initiatives Prioritisation

To change a service we may need to change a long list of things, Three6 helped to narrow down which initiatives are going to bring the greatest impact quicker

Customer research

We always include research on our projects, we need to empathise with the customer (students in this case) so that we can design the best service for them

Stakeholder management

In every change project managing stakeholders expectations, and bringing them on the journey is essential, Three6 put the people at the centre to ensure engagement and success

Service design

We designed an end-to-end experience that is connected to internal processes and supported by technology

Enabling collaboration

Bringing people from different areas to collaborate enables the project to propose better solutions to the problems, design integrated experiences and processes and create ownership